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Bermudian and lesbian

August 14, 2012

Dear Sir,

I am a Bermudian and I am a lesbian.

My goal in writing this letter is to demystify the notion that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people are some sort of “other”, less deserving of protection because of our sexual orientation. This notion that we do not deserve protection from discrimination like the rest of the inhabitants of our little island is not only harmful, but dangerous. Harmful because we must walk through life in Bermuda knowing that some of our people wished that we (LGBT people) did not exist. Dangerous because we have no recourse when blatant injustice is perpetrated against us.

I am Bermudian and I am a lesbian.

I attended Dellwood Primary School, the Berkeley Institute, and Bermuda College before leaving for university in Canada. When I returned from university I began teaching.

I am Bermudian and I am a lesbian.

During my youth I received spiritual guidance while attending the New Testament Church of God lead by Pastor Smith. I loved it when I was little, mostly because of Sunday school and the choir. My family still attends, and I assume that they love it too. I left “the church” for a very long time because it was clear that I would not be accepted as a lesbian. I am now fortunate enough to attend a church that is in the process of becoming an “Affirming” ministry which basically means that they will be able to declare themselves to be fully inclusive of people of ALL sexual orientations and gender identities.

I am Bermudian and I am a lesbian.

When my non-Bermudian LGBT friends ask me about life in Bermuda I tell them the truth: Bermuda is a visually beautiful, wonderful place to live and raise a family, even if you are gay (and willing to sometimes be “in the closet”). But… there is a certain segment of the population that still think of LGBT people as second class citizens. I also tell them that there is no protection from discrimination based on sexual orientation, but now I add that they (the current Government and the opposition) say that they are working on it. We shall see.

I am Bermudian and I am a lesbian.

I am married. Neither of us is “the man” in the relationship — that defeats the purpose of marrying a woman. I would like my legal marriage to be just as legal in Bermuda as it is in Canada. Why?

Because I am Bermudian and I am human.



Source: The Royal Gazette

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