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Right and Left

There was an event today, on my lovely island home of Bermuda, regarding the LGTBQ community of Bermuda and their rights on the island. I volunteered, and was asked to say a few words. This is what I said:

When I was asked if I wanted to contribute any words to this event, I struggled with the idea of what I wanted to say. Somehow, I wanted to offer more than just the idea that ‘gay people are people too’.  The notion, in and of itself, seems so blindingly obvious that to restate it in a public forum seemed almost trite and platitudinous. Of course gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and all of us who falls anywhere on the sexual spectrum are people. We are conferred as people the minute we arrive bright-eyed and bushy-tailed into the world. We bring with us all the rights that we, as human beings, have earned by our very existence.

Notice how I say that we bring our rights with us into the world. They are not given to us. We do not ask for them. They are not voted on by public opinion. They are our rights to breathe, work, eat, and express ourselves as we choose. We do not lose those rights because someone disagrees with how we live our lives. It is not open to debate. It has only been positioned as one by those with antiquated beliefs. By people who would like to supplant their own supposed morals for what is right and just. By people are more than happy to tilt at windmills while the world passes them by.

Well, to those people, I offer no olive branch. I do not suggest an open forum, and a discussion of ideals. The ability to live in a building without discrimination will not be debated. The desire to eat in public without being subject to derision will not be analysed. There will be no referendum on whom we can love and marry. There will only be statements of fact. Yes, I am here to state, for the record, and to all those who try their damndest to disagree, gay people are people too. People that should not, and will not stand idly by while others decide what rights which humans are entitled to. We are all humans, we are all worthy, and we all have our rights, and those who disagree can and will be left behind.

By Jason Savoury

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