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Rainbow Alliance to commemorate International Day Against Homophobia

International Day Against Homophobia: Fight the Homophobia Web Virus!
International Day Against Homophobia: Fight the Homophobia Web Virus!

Bermuda, 16 May 2013 ‐ This Friday, Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda will be joining with individuals and organizations from across the globe to commemorate International Day Against Homophobia.
We will be holding a peaceful lunchtime gathering on the lawn of Sessions House (House of Assembly) starting at 12:15 PM on Friday, 17 May 2013. Come out wearing purple in support and help us to put an end to homophobia.

2013 Campaign

The theme of the International Day Against Homophobia 2013 campaign is Fight the Homophobia Web Virus.

The campaign image shows a virus seen under microscope.  This homophobia Web virus, of course, has no face or colour. Its illustration is an element of communication.

Anonymous Abuse

Homophobia is becoming increasingly present on the Web and in social
media. The anonymity of the Internet facilitates the spread of abusive
comments and cyberhomophobia
that could have serious consequences.

What is Homophobia?

It’s all the negative attitudes that can lead to rejection and to direct or indirect discrimination towards gay men, lesbians, and bisexual, transsexual or transgender people or toward anyone whose physical appearance or behaviour does not fit masculine or feminine stereotypes. The following are variants of homophobia:

  • Bi-phobia: aversion towards bisexual people or bisexuality;
  • Gayphobia: aversion towards gay men or male homosexuality;
  • Lesbophobia: aversion towards lesbian women or female homosexuality.

What is cyberhomophobia?

Negative attitudes

Cyberhomophobia is the manifestation of homophobia on the Internet and in social media. It is the circulation of negative attitudes towards homosexuality and gender identity. It often presents sexual minorities as inferior or abnormal and can be expressed in the form of jokes, teasing, hateful or hostile remarks, denigration and stereotypes toward homosexual or transsexual persons.

Hurtful words

Certain words and expressions can hurt people, even without intending to. It would be best to ban these from your conversations: “fag”, “so gay”, “lesbo” , “butch”, “dyke”, “homo”, etc.

Cyberbullying and Harassment

It’s not a game!

Bullying and harassment are nothing new. Unfortunately, they now happen on the Web. If social media such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are amazing tools, they can also be ruthless. Using them repeatedly against someone can constitute real bullying and victimization.

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THE RAINBOW ALLIANCE OF BERMUDA is committed to creating a safe space for LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) people and their allies in Bermuda.
All people, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, should be able to enjoy the full range of human rights, without exception. The Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda is committed to seeking an amendment to the Human Rights Act of Bermuda to outlaw discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.
This is a real part of Bermuda’s community. They are your brothers, your sisters, your children, your parents, your cousins, your partners, your teammates, your co‐workers, your friends.
We invite everyone to help us start taking small steps toward being supportive allies to an all too frequently silenced part of our island.

Update 20th June 2013: The event was a huge success! View the gallery!


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