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Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda’s Statement on the Referendum

The Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda would like to acknowledge the outpouring of love and support for the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) community in advance of the referendum on marriage equality. While our position remains that the rights of an oppressed minority should not be voted on by a majority that is not impacted by the outcome, we strongly encourage supporters to nonetheless vote yes/yes in the referendum.

The results of this referendum are non-binding and no matter how it turns out, we will be grateful for an end to the divisive and often-hurtful campaigning that this exercise has inspired. Regardless of the results, The Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda will remain committed to creating safer spaces and advocating for equity for the LGBTQ community.

Our approach towards justice has always been one of intersectionality (tackling interlinked systems of oppression) and love. We hope that following this referendum, the significant amount of resources and energy that have been dedicated towards campaigning can be redeployed towards the many issues that are currently devastating our community.

The Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda is made up of a diverse group of young Bermudians that are involved in many areas of other social justice advocacy and community work. There are no official spokespeople and all statements are written collaboratively. The Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda is not a charity and does not seek funding. For more information visit 



We hope that you will continue to work through the courts (which seem well-disposed to you) to achieve your goals and to work for a victory of the Progressive Labour Party in the next elections.

Please consider following the American paths to victory: (1) applying for licenses to marry, being rejected, and suing the government on the grounds that your civil rights have been violated; and (2) lawfully marrying outside Bermuda, applying to the government for recognition of your licenses lawfully issued abroad, being rejected, etc.

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