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Love Wins Again! Bermuda Supreme Court Rules in Favour of Marriage Equality

Love Wins Again! Image Credit: OUTBermuda
Love Wins Again! Image Credit: OUTBermuda

The Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda is proud to celebrate the landmark decision by Chief Justice Ian Kawaley. Once again, we have seen the courts affirm that love always wins.

The Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda (RAoB) would like to thank Rod Ferguson, Maryellen Jackson, OUTBermuda, Dr. Gordon Campbell of Wesley Methodist Church, and  Pastor Sylvia Hayward-Harris of Vision Ministries for their courage in pursuing this case. We applaud their respective legal teams and the financial support from Carnival Cruise Lines to their case. We would also like to acknowledge Winston and Greg Godwin-DeRoche, Two Words and a Comma, the Bermuda Human Rights Commission, and the countless other campaigners over the years that have fought for equity for the LGBTQ community. This legal outcome is not just a win for the successful applicants, but also for all same-gender-loving couples in Bermuda.

RAoB remains, however, committed to creating safer spaces for the LGBTQ community in Bermuda. As Minister Walton Brown succinctly said during our ‘Speak Out’ Event in 2012, “We need to create a society which the consciousness of people is changed in which we respect differences. Because you can change laws, but those laws in and of themselves won’t change attitudes. And we probably will have an easier time changing legislation then we will changing attitudes.”

RAoB look forward to continuing to champion recognition, respect, and equity between all members of Bermuda’s society, and hope that now that this legal matter has concluded, we can heal some of the wounds created by the divisive and often-hurtful campaigning over the past few years, including homophobic and transphobic attacks on the humanity of LGBTQ people through intellectually dishonest and sometimes hateful propaganda.

This fight has been long and may not yet be over but we know that ultimately, love will continue to win. Happy Pride, Bermuda!


The Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda is made up of a diverse group of young Bermudians that are involved in many areas of other social justice advocacy and community work. There are no official spokespeople and all statements are written collaboratively. The Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda is not a charity and does not seek funding. For more information visit

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