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Frequently Asked Questions

We have seen a lot of similar questions and comments about the Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda on various news sites and blogs.  The following frequently asked questions and our answers may be helpful in clarifying what we stand for.


  • What is the Rainbow Alliance’s platform?
    • The Rainbow Alliance is committed to creating a safe space for LGBTQ people and their allies in Bermuda. It is a community devoid of the hateful, angry comments that are pervasive in the discussion of LGBTQ issues in Bermuda. The Rainbow Alliance is committed to seeking an amendment to the Human Rights Act of Bermuda to include discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.
  • Who leads the Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda?
    • The Rainbow Alliance is a group of allies, and is run as a collective.
  • Can a spokesperson from Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda answer questions in a news interview on-air?
    • We answer press inquiries collectively and we do not have any singular spokesperson.  We can provide a written statement by email that can be read on-air. Please email info [at] if you have any press inquiries.
  • When was the Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda founded?
    • July 30, 2012.
  • Do you support marriage equality?
    • The Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda supports the rights of all people in Bermuda to have their consensual, loving relationships between two individuals recognized and protected – regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.
  • Which political party do you support?
    • The Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda is a bipartisan group, with no interest in party politics. We are looking for support from any community member that supports our beliefs, and will continue to implore whichever government is leading Bermuda to commit to equal rights for all.
  • Why did you publicly call out Marc Bean in 2012?
    • The Progressive Labour Party under the leadership of Paula Cox committed support to amending the Human Rights Act and/or bringing forth new legislation to provide equality for all Bermudians. Earlier in 2012, Marc Bean had made comments expressing his belief that no such legislation was necessary, and that he was tolerant but not accepting of LGBTQ lifestyles. It was these comments that spawned the creation of the Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda, to provide a safe space against hateful speech. When Mr. Bean took power as opposition leader, we released a statement condemning these actions and asking for clarification on the PLP’s position on the Human Rights Act amendment under his leadership. In the same statement, we addressed the OBA and asked them to make immediate action to bring forth the proposed changes. This was not a political maneuver, The Rainbow Alliance is only seeking equal rights and ensuring that the Human Rights Act amendment that was committed to by both parties does not fall to the wayside as an unresolved campaign promise.


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