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Rainbow Alliance Holiday Get-Together!

A night of music, food and friends – and you’re invited!

Come out to Chewstick on the 22nd of December!  Bring your iPod and playlists and any snacks you want to bring along, and we’ll have ourselves a good ol’ fashioned shindig!  And, of course, the bar will be open!

$5 cover charge at the door to help support Chewstick who has been a great help to us all year!

  • Where: Chewstick, corner of Court & Elliott St.
  • When: Saturday, December 22, 2012
  • What time: 9:00pm until 1:00am
  • How much: $5 donation to Chewstick
  • What to bring: your dancing shoes, snacks, music

‘Gays need more than a change in the law’

(Bermuda Sun) WEDNESDAY, NOV. 7: Government’s plans to rewrite human rights law to protect gay people from discrimination does not go far enough, campaigners said on Tuesday.

And the Rainbow Alliance — a pressure group set up to campaign for gay rights — said that if Government is to rip up the current human rights law and draft a new Equality Act, it should also use the time to work to cut anti-gay sentiment in Bermuda.

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Rainbow Alliance Responds To Throne Speech

(Bernews) The Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda — a newly formed collective of people interested in helping make Bermuda a safer space for LGBTQ people — said they welcome any change to Bermuda legislation which will extend basic human rights and protections to people in Bermuda.

The group was responding to comments made during last week’s Throne Speech, in which the Governor said: “Your Government has made a determination. Justice is about fairness and equality of access for all. Bermuda does not have that standard and it is to our collective discredit as a democratic country in the 21st Century.”

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Gays to be covered in new human rights bill

FRIDAY, NOV. 2: Government will address sexual discrimination with a new bill that will offer protection for a range of characteristics including sexual orientation and age.

Governor George Fergusson made that announcement in this morning Speech from the Throne calling the current Act “outdated” for a 21st century democracy.

In the 2012 Throne Speech Government said it would look at “the feasibility of introducing an Equality Act to address the outstanding areas of discrimination, in particular, discrimination related to sexual orientation.”

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As you think, so you are

In 1902 James Allen wrote a little book that has become a classic. His book was titled As a Man Thinketh, and it is taken from thoughts in the book of Proverbs, namely, Proverbs 23:7. In the context that reads, “Do not eat the bread of a selfish man, or desire his delicacies; for as he thinks within himself, so he is. He says to you, “Eat and drink!” But his heart is not with you.” In the Bible the context makes it clear that the question of how one thinks is directed at another person, but Allen’s book applies the proverb to the way one’s own thinking goes. The proverb draws people to consider the thinking of others; Allen draws people to consider their own thinking, but both challenge people to consider thinking.

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